Saturday – Sunday At Mall , Fiuh….

Statment Stocking

Last Saturday went to Plaza Tunjungan * again?!* of course with Acel and we watched Eagle Eye *  fallin in love with Shia…ow…he so cute and preppy*. Lil bit confused watched that movie but so far i love Shia.. he act naturally… But the story not so good..

I wore my new tights by shienny * Thx sis*. I felt like a superstar on that day… wahahahahaha  using statment tights and boots… perfect outlook to make some people head turning.. but i don’t care!!!!! 😆

@ Starbucks

Sunday went to Galaxy Mall * Mall?! Again?!oh… fed up with thiz things* too lazy to dressed up so i wore red tee by Elle Magazine and wore tote bag by Gogirl Magz… i feel like brand ambasador of those magz…wahahahahaha…

Meeting at Starbucks with my BFF…oh..i couldn’t focus…arghghghghghgh… Thx God you created Caramel Machiato  as my besties wahahahaha


17 thoughts on “Saturday – Sunday At Mall , Fiuh….

    • evelynpy says:

      Wa…u had nice trip at bangkok….
      thx and i love my checker legging ^^

      YUp…dimana lagi…emang ada toko dungca selain toko dungcak yang aku maksud?

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