Too Old But I Don’t Think So ^^

Listening Play My Music by Jobro 😆

I Love Jobro ( Jonas Brother ) since i watched Camp Rock The Movie. I love them coz their songs are easy listening.

But you know what, my friends didn’t like them!!! They mocked me like i’m still at junior high school who really love the new boyband * Jobro can play music at least guitar* and thats foolish.

Oh..GOD, i love Coldplay, Muse, i know a lot of great bands and great singers but i’.m big fans of Jobro now..i do… Is that bad? I know thats i’m to old to enjoy the music by Jobro hihihihihihihi 🙂


3 thoughts on “Too Old But I Don’t Think So ^^

  1. alexandraadyta says:

    you not old to be the big fans of Jobro.. you know what, i saw Jobro for the first time by their pic. Cute,nice, and manly.. BUUTTTT when i heard their voice, OMG i think i heard Hanson many years ago haha..

    • evelynpy says:

      bener…. Agree with u…ow…
      Jobro = hanson

      but Jobro more handsome than Hanson…

      Hmmm bop…nice song

      I don’t believe that this is your 1st time see their pic…ow…

      Play my Music and Burn it Up that are my fav

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