Enjoy My Valentine Day At Cigarette Museum

Thx A lot Acel…you gave me the greatest night to celebrate our Valentine!!!!

At museum

Had a perfect night at Sampoerna Cigarette Museum *i never go there before* and candle light dinner at House Of Sampoerna Cafe, enjoy the music, ate some delicious meal, wow!!!

our-meal at Valentine Day 2009

Valentine day isn’t important coz i think everyday is a valentine day… full with love and joy.  I just believe that on this day we should spent our night with different ritual..not only have a great candle light dinner but simple things can make our day more special.  Am i right?! 😉


Me and Acel at Valentine Day 2009

Acel gave  me the opportunity to enjoy my Valentine Day at House Of Sampoerna Cafe…oh…so toughtfull. 🙂

Gray Jumper on Valentine Day 2009

Forget about using silly colors at Valentine Day, Pink and Blue! Time to using another color like this Gray Jumper!! 🙂

I bought sneaker by Puma for him and he bought me cute brown ankle boots… hahahahahahahhahaha…why shoes? We don’t know…  i think coz we want walk in the same path till we old, right honey? 😆


22 thoughts on “Enjoy My Valentine Day At Cigarette Museum

    • evelynpy says:

      Yup….my maduku…. 😆

      Amin….dan jalan kesana masih panjang…amat sangat panjang…..

      YUp…memang enak banget….aku salah pesen. Aku pesen Tenderloin yang oh….enak sie sebenernya tapi males makannya… 😉
      Salmonnya enak…………………

      100% correct!!!
      Kenapa km juga punya?
      Ayo kita jadi anak yatim 😆

  1. JelajahiDuniaEly says:

    cantiknya 😉

    btw, makasih ya dah mampir di elyswelt, maaf baru berkunjung balik , sekarang aku lbh sering nulis di blogku yg lain , kalo ada waktu mampir donk 😉

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