Ada Apa Dengan Dunia Pertelevisian Kita?!

Males…lagi males liat TV akhir-akhir ini. Kok bisa? Bukannya tv adalah sumber informasi ya? Bukannya tv itu sarana hiburan?

Ah…lupain deh semua itu!!! TV bikin stres…bikin muak dan membuat aku semakin merasa hidup itu nggak seindah yang dibayangkan semua orang. Ya memang..trus ngapain lagi TV kudu nambain menjadi semakin nggak enak!!!!
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Saturday – Sunday At Mall , Fiuh….

Statment Stocking

Last Saturday went to Plaza Tunjungan * again?!* of course with Acel and we watched Eagle Eye *Β  fallin in love with Shia…ow…he so cute and preppy*. Lil bit confused watched that movie but so far i love Shia.. he act naturally… But the story not so good..
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Too Old But I Don’t Think So ^^

Listening Play My Music by Jobro πŸ˜†

I Love Jobro ( Jonas Brother ) since i watched Camp Rock The Movie. I love them coz their songs are easy listening.

But you know what, my friends didn’t like them!!! They mocked me like i’m still at junior high school who really love the new boyband * Jobro can play music at least guitar* and thats foolish.

Oh..GOD, i love Coldplay, Muse, i know a lot of great bands and great singers but i’.m big fans of Jobro now..i do… Is that bad? I know thats i’m to old to enjoy the music by Jobro hihihihihihihi πŸ™‚

100 things about me ^^

*Iseng buka blognya Rolz trus nemu ini, jadi aku grab dan posting di sini versi diriku*

001. Real name β†’ Evelyn Pratiwi Yusuf * Lil bit hate my name coz so complicated*
002. Nickname→ Eve
003. Star sign β†’ Cancer…strong…romantic…easygoing..friendly and extravagant
004. Male or female β†’Female 100% love it!
005. Elementary β†’ Sang Timur, Sumenep, Madura, Indonesia
006. Middle School β†’ Stella Marris
007. High School β†’ st. Maria
008. Hair color β†’ black with little brown, don’t be so jealous!
009. Long or short β†’ medium,Β  love Rihanna hair…maybe next month!
010. Loud or Quiet β†’ Loud…everyday except PMS
011. Sweats or Jeans β†’ Jeans
012. Phone or Camera β†’ both of them!!!!!!!
013. Health freak β†’100% wrong
014. Drink or Smoke? β†’ sometimes…stress, grab some bir and drink it!
015. Do you have a crush on someone? β†’ yup till now…hope he’s the one
016. Eat or Drink β†’ both
017. Piercings β†’ don’t have any idea!
018. Tattoos β†’ never want to do that!
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