I Can’t Wait To Read Breaking Dawn

I’m a big fans of Twilight and currios what will happend with Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. They have a child? How Bella spend her day become new vampire?

So i decided to bought Breaking Dawn at Uranus bookstore. I pay only 20IDR as down payment. I can’t wait January 31th, 2008 to get that book and start reading it. I decided to but at Uranus coz i interest with the promo.

If you pre order and pay the down payment you deserve 25% discount no matter how much your down payment.

ah….i can’t wait…i can’t wait…hahahahaha


13 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait To Read Breaking Dawn

  1. Angels says:

    wuaa the indo edition udah bisa pre-order yah? i’ve been looking around for the english version but it’s sold out everywhere T_T I got my pdf version but it’s much fun reading it with a real book ;P

    • evelynpy says:

      Hmmm iya sudah dari awal bulan Januari say..rencana mau beli yang inggris cuman ya gitu kapan ari dah ada barangnya trus malah dijual ke orang. BT 😦

      Nggak mau aku mau baca sendiri…penasaran hahahahaha pengen baca sekarang

  2. juneou says:

    hmmm,,i prefer watch da movie..males bgt baca novel nya, lagian kadang gk sesuai ma yg di filmnya tar.
    btw udah nonton filmnya kan y?jd gimana, sama gk ma novelnya sista?

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