Window Shopping at Bookstore, Why Not?!

At TGA Bookstore Surabaya

I love reading a book!!! I love reading since i was a kid! I think this is one of my great habbits and i love it very much!

I’ve got a lot of from reading event it just a novel.  Sometimes if you feel bored at home, just take your novel or your comic and read it! We don’t care about the time, we don’t care anything…just read and create our imagination and our world!

When Indonesia had economy crisis and global crisis , i was so sad! Why?! Coz you know the price extremly changed!!!! I bought my fav comic just IDR 7 but now become IDR 13.  I bought a novel just IDR10 and now become IDR 45-70!!! I don’t care about the gasoline price and about the global crisis but yup i know it’s make the books price extremly increasing

I can’t buy some novels and comic as usual! So i just spend my time at Bookstore, lookin a good books and thing twice to buy or leave it! I can’t deny my self to control my desire when i see some books, i want to buy them all!!! But yeah to price is killing my money!

So to control my self….,not just think twice before i go to  the cashier!!!Ii spend a lot of time to window shopping!

Window shopping = you only see the book in the showcase not to buy it!
You only see the cover and read the summary on the back! If you really lucky in that day, you can find a books, great one without a seal coz someone already opened it. * don’t open the seal by your self, its so embarrassing!!! Don’t do it ok!Go to International Area to find many books without a seal.

So if the seal is open, you otomaticly can read the main menu and sit in the corner!!! Don’t ever bring your BF or your GF, i’m guarantee they’ll feel bored waiting you reading your books for free!!!

I hope this tips can help you as a book lovers! But if you really…really…really want that book just go to the cashier and pay it as fast as you can before your brain kill you!

13 thoughts on “Window Shopping at Bookstore, Why Not?!

  1. naki says:

    hwoaa .. daku juga suka baca novel di bookstore . uda selesai baca , baru d badan brasa pegel2 , mwehehehe

    aniwei .. untuk komik , skarang gw baca onlen aja , ga kuat dahh kalo kudu beli komik kaya dulu2 ^0^

  2. evelynpy says:

    Its depend on how you act…if you sit in the alley and the security notice you opened the seal…they will angry and want you to go away!!! So be nice and behave😆

    Ribet……you have to fill the form before you rent some books and i hate the deadline…i can’t read fastly like your!😦 But sometimes, i rent it * terutama pas bokek*

    Wah…i think Gramedia has a big promotion! Di sini juga ada kok sudah dari kapan ari tapi i better go to Togamas or Uranus than Gramedia. Soalnya meski diskon 30% harganya tetep murahan di tokobuku laen🙂 Lagian terkadang membuat hati mencelos pas dateng sungguan, soalnya pas dateng ya bukunya yang di diskon yang jadul banget!
    Untuk masalah baju…aku nggak ngikutin trend lho…aku mah nggak ada apa2nya dengan temen aku😦

    Yupp absolutely don’t!

    Lho sudah punya? I think you single hahahahahaha😆

    I love your shoes too!!! The gold one… I think i wanna buy a new shoes like your at Zara…i really want that shoes, gold and chic!

    TGA Bookstore, Galaxy Mall, East java, Surabaya, Indonesia😆

    Yup that’s a good idea but i can’t do that coz my i hate my Speedy!!!! I wish i change it into unlimited version so i can do that everyday!!!!

  3. titiw says:

    Hihihi.. pantes kamu nanya aku di fesbuk barusan. Anyway kalo mau baca buku2 keren yg pada dibukain, you should, no, you must go to AKSARA BOOK STORE!! but unfortunately toko ini cuma ada di jakarta ya? eh apa di SBY ada? trus jg ke times book store di karawaci, tangerang, buku2 impornya minimal satu buku dibuka buat dibaca.. Dan bisa leyeh2 jg di sini!! hehe.. Ternyata hobi kita gak jauh ya.. hee..

    • evelynpy says:

      Why not? I didn’t open the seal, someone did it😉.
      Yup betul banget diSBY nggak ada selalu aku nantikan akan dibuka cabangnya di sini. Soalnya tiap baca majalah remaja selalu aja review buku keren yang cuman dijual di dan juga pengen beli lomo yang katanya murah kalo beli di
      Makanya tadi aku ngerespon statusmu di fb soalnya pengen pergi ke bookstore tapi mana lagi selain Gramedia.
      Jelous sama kamu nie soalnya di JKT semua pada ada hikzzzzzzzzzz😦
      Yup..gila ternyata kita punya kesamaan ye….hahahaha😆

      Ntar kalo ke JKT let’s hang out 2gether!😉

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