It’s about our heart and how we act!

ugly-betty fans

I love Ugly Betty since season 1. Thanks to Vipe permit me to borrow her DVD. I confess i never watched Mexican Betty called Betty La Fea but i think American version better than Mexican. 🙂

I don’t care being fat girl, i’ve became fat girl since 2nd smester and i don’t care about that! My friend mocks me, they care about my weight about my curve! For me its not a big deal! I’m confident with my self.  I know who am i..Yup i know physics is more important than other but for me like Betty, our heart and how we act are more important than other! Its my fault coz i can’t control my self, always eating in the wrong time! But i try to make my body healthy without losing my weight coz  i love exactly who  am i!!!

* I wanna buy that Ugly Betty movie books, but don’t have much money! Somebody give me for free pls!*

FYI:  I’m sick can’t go anywhere for one week!

14 thoughts on “It’s about our heart and how we act!

  1. evelynpy says:

    Yup i know… hahaha thats different between Asia and Europe 😉 But i love your curve!

    YUp… Bakso PETRA kayaknya or Meatball by Ketabangkali 🙂 hm….yummy but expensive!!! 😦

    YUp i have to!

    YUp..your welcome…thx 4 stopping by too 😉

    I love food thats why i love eating hahahahahaha…..this posting just my kamufalse hahahahaha nggak becanda!! I love my self so much!!!

    Apa tuh curcol?!

  2. naki says:

    patah ati , sakit ati , wateverlahh ituhh , pasti dijamin langsung kurusssss . halahhh ini apa sehatnya coba . dOnt try this at home yee , mweheehhe

    daku malah kebalikan , nonton si betty la fea pas masi ditayangin di rcti dulu , emang lucu banget ^0^

    • evelynpy says:

      hahahahaha iya itu cara termanjur untuk nurunin berat badan!!! Aku saja pas masuk RS selama seminggu langsung turun 3 kg * makannya bubur terus sie jadi nggak selera*
      Tapi jangan ditiru deh soalnya kalau patah hati aku akan bertingkah seperti Amanda dalam Ugly Betty, i’ll eat as much as i can!!!

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