My Mall, My House, Sound Crazy Ha?!

Indonesian Food

I can’t believe my self that i spent my day at TP till 9.30 pm!! I’m nuts! Going to Tunjungan Plaza with my BFF without a plan.  I think i’ve got free  syndrom after i pass my thesis proposal. Meli and i going to the mall earlier coz U-ung wanna go to Mercure first. Meli and Me ate Madam Pai and Goota’s Ice Cream and talking about her relationship with some one. I love Taro and Oreo flavor very much, i don’t care if i eat melamin and its can make my body in danger. We are waiting U-ung to join with us, its take 1 hours grgrgrgrgr….don’t do this again sis!! I ask Meli to watching BOLT with me and U-ung, she refuse it coz she hate cartoon.  I think watching a cinema can make us happy and forget about the past or what happent on last week.

Best Friends

Finally U-ung comes! She bring internship reports to mall * crazy girl hahahaha* I ask her to watching BOLT coz i read at some magz that movie so awesome. U-ung agree with me and we go to the Studio 21 buy the tickets. Thanks GOD you give me Wednesday so i must pay only IDR 15 to watching a movie and save my money for eat.  U-ung call Ang to join with us to see cartoon movie from Walt Disney. * thx GOD Ang wanna join with us coz i don’t wanna be a lesbian hahahahahahahahhaha, no offense U-ung, only jocking sis!*

BOLT so awesome, love it very much!!! I can’t stop laughing from the begining till the end!!! I wanna see twice with Acel.  I tell you a secret! After watching this movie i really wanna have a god boy like BOLT i don’t care if  i  have phobia.

Ginger house
I ate Pai, Ice cream, mushroom chrispy and Ayam Penyet at the same day * i can’t translate it in English*. Yup Ayam Penyet is one of  Indonesian traditional food and i love it very much. We ate at ayam penyet Ria and almost forget to pay coz we talked about blog, fashion blogs. I think i have to change my blog into fashion blog coz i love dressing up but i stil to think it twice.

GInger house 2
After that we go to the Sheraton Hotel, we want to take some pics in Sheraton’s  Ginger House. When i in that room i can  smell the ginger. The taste are very strong, make me hungry and wanna buy it but forget it, i ate too much this day!!! Today i was so tired….i hope i have privat jacuzzi now!!!

FYI: I love this month, coz all place in Surabaya has Christmas decorations, i can feel the smell!!!!


14 thoughts on “My Mall, My House, Sound Crazy Ha?!

  1. evelynpy says:

    Hahahahahahaha i know you angry but i can’t go home coz you know i had lil bit ah….i can’t tell in here 😉

    Hahahhahahahaha….its happent coz i really don’t have any plan to stay at home alone without a friends 😆 *smart excuse*

    Hahahahahahahhaha….bad habbit 😦

  2. evelynpy says:

    Dasar lu….sorry aku nggak bisa nemenin ke midnight sale buk 😦

    Ayuk….let’s go tapi aku lebih seneng ngebucks…ayo…..

    Hahahahaha….padahal fotonya nggak bagus-bagus amat lho 😉

    I give BOLT 5 of 5….so what are you waiting for?

  3. evelynpy says:

    @ Kim:
    Ow thanks for your compliment kim 🙂 i’m newbie in Photoshop, i’m big fans of your editing especially with your logo 😉
    You have to teach me someday!!!

    I love BOLT, mitten so cuty as a cat! I remember Sailormoon cat!

    Yup…i’m Diana’s friend hehehehehe
    I made it by my self! Never download in internet…hahahaha but if you wanna make it like mine, its very simple! You should try buy your self but if you too lazy you can search it in internet!

  4. titiw says:

    Dear eve.. kamu makan BANYAK BANGET!!! hehe.. I wonder seberapa gede sih badan kamu aslinya, hihhihihi.. Anyway aku belum pernah ke TP lho.. ke surabaya aja pas kecill.. huhuhuhu..

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