Ate at Xo Suki with Superman!!!


Me, my family, Acel and his lil bro, Christo going to Galaxy Mall, Surabaya to treat Acel coz he already got his Bachelor Degree. Me and my family dress up for this party! I choosed vintage style, brown lovers up to toe hahahahaha… My lil sis, Angel using orange dress with white stocking and blue Crocs. My lil bro, Christian and Christo using Superman custom like their are twins. It’s make some people head turning coz they are so cute using that custom! My mom using brown dress, my father using white stripes shirt and my big bro using blue stripes shirt.


We ate at XO Suki, hmm…so yummy eating suki and another grill menu. I rarely going out with my hole fams like Yesterday. It’s happend because yesterday was Idul Adha, so my father closed the store and went to Surabaya enjoy this holiday. I’m so…so… happy…..coz i can eat, talk, laugh and make clean joke with my fam!!! Thanks GOD you give me the great day!!!

Galaxy Mall

I love Suki, love Tom Yum too but my mom doesn’t really like it, so she ordered grill menu. FYI, don’t ever try to order Tanderloin Steak at XO Suki but if you really wanna try it i can’t quarantee about the taste!!! Thanks for someone who create BCA Credit Card coz without that i can’t imagine how much money we spent just for eating some Suki.


13 thoughts on “Ate at Xo Suki with Superman!!!

  1. evelynpy says:

    So fresh like a fruit ha? hahahahahahha

    Yup…seger….*whats the point?* 😆

    I think both of them are so cute 😉

    Let’s go to XO Suki again….you choosed the time honey 😉

    If you graduate soon you have yo treat me in there 😉

    Hahahahahahaha thats my bro…i love them very much… not just so cute but they are so smart 😉

    Yup thx 😉

  2. evelynpy says:

    Let’s go shopping ahhahahaha nggak pengen kopi darat?
    Mumpung di SBY nie hahahaha

    Hey….here you are…long time no see darling 😉
    waduh aku nggak kepikiran buat tin jingan say hahahahaha masi nanti…… don’t talk about that anymore 🙂

    yup…and you know what Christo namanya juga sama dengan nama adiknya pacarku cuman beda nama belakang aja 🙂

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