Mango Sale – Dori Fish Lemon!!

Mango Sale

I went to Plaza Tunjungan with my BFF wanna go shopping and stoping by at Mango coz Sale up to 50% off starting from 4-8 December 2008. This is my job since i’ve become founder.  Always going to the mall, reporting about Sale and posting it in my website.

I wear new dress at that night, not really confident using it without cardigan, so i put in and mix it with brown belt. Eventhough i went to Mango Sale, i didn’t found what i want!!! Hikzz…..wanna buy vest, i already had! I wanna buy dress, i already had! I wanna buy slig bag but i hate the price!!!

Me with my friend, Shenny went to Point Break and i found cuty, vintage, brown sling bag only IDR 120 * today i really become smart shopper*

Why i bought this vintage sling bag?

First of all because i don’t have sling bag.
Second, i choosed the brown  * i fallin in love with red but sold out!* because the color can match with another colors.
Third, i think it’s must have item for a girl especially if you fallin in love with casual style! Am i right?!

After that i went to Dante with my BFF, eating Dori Lemon Fish * i never enjoy eating fish before i try this menu* and order Lecy Syrup * i don’t really like Dante’s coffee* so fresh and yummy.  If you want eating at Dante you must try my menu! I wanna ask a question for RD Lovers, have you ever heard about Dori fish because i never heard it before and currious what it looks like?!

FYI: Dante’s wi-fi so fast and i’m glad pay extra for meal and for the great wi-fi connection.


7 thoughts on “Mango Sale – Dori Fish Lemon!!

  1. Devita says:

    I like dori fish, it is soooo delicious… Why don’t you try dori and oats or dori lemon sumthin’ at excelso, it is also delicious. It will make you ask for more.

  2. evelynpy says:

    Hahahaha….i think you know what i mean ….. 😆

    Oh ya…..i don’t really know how its look like…:( i never try it at Execlso, maybe next time. Too scare try new menu…. 😦 but i’ll try 😉

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