I give 3 for Twilight Movie!!

Ok…i confess that i’m Twilight big fans. I can’t wait to see the movie when i saw it already midnight in Surabaya. I did it last night. Hang out with my BFF and my BF in Galaxy Mall saw Twilight. Forget about starving, we decided to bought Hamburger and Quickly to be our friends when we saw that movie.

I wanna say as a big fans of it, this movie so baaddd, make me dissapointed after saw it! How come i said that when people love this movie so much?!

For me the book is much better than the movie, we can imagine the characters by our self and when we see the producer broken our imagination  into silly things that so dissapointed right?!

Edward Cullen and the gangs are perfect…100% matching with my imagination, Bella too. Charlise,  booooooo…..too young become a doctor and Edward’s  father! Eric boooo…. since when Eric become so Asian?! Alice booooooo.….like an idiot girl! Charlie as Bella’s father boooo…..so different with my imagination!!! Jacob booooooooo…..since when Jacob has long hair and dark skin?!!!!!

Another side beside the implementation of the characters are the story, the effect and the sensor are so bad!!! If you are the big fans of Twilight novels, i think you supposed to be not statisfied with the movie * or maybe it’s just my feeling*. A lot of black holes in that movie … because we read the novels first so we knew how the story, which part is gone. If you newbie like my BF and doesn’t read the novels before, this movie can make you so confused with the story. One story jump into another story like you don’t have to know the details to make this story perfect. You just have to see how great Bella Swan and how handsome Edward Cullen., thats it!!

Hate the effects so much!!! In my  imagination and i belive you too, that Edward Cullen fam’s are so strong and i hope when he met James’s gangs, they can show the cool thoots like vampire has!! But it’s never happend, in that movie,  sucks! When Edward bring Bella a cross the forest, how Edward climb the three, how Edward drive his car, how Edward’s fam play baseball, that parts has minim effects, very dissapointed. Like Summit don’t have much money to make this film more better!!!

And the last is about the sensor.
I hate Indonesia regulation about sensor and it happent last night. I couldn’t enjoy my movie. A lot of sensor and it’s make that movie like a silent movie for a while and it piss me off , we was screaming when it happent. Give our money back pls!

I’ll give this movie 3 of 5 and you cant read my reasons up there. I know if you watching a movie from a novels it make you dillema, which one is better, the movie or the novels and its happend again in this movie. So it’s up to you, which one is better, the novels or the movie?

The best part of this movie is when Edward dancing with Bella at the prom! So…so…so…romantic!!!

13 thoughts on “I give 3 for Twilight Movie!!

  1. alexandraadyta says:

    wuah wuah.. peace-peace….
    saya adalah pecinta Twilight. mulai dari novel, sountrack, dan bahkan film 😀 nggak tau knp pengen nonton berkali-kali…


  2. Devita says:

    lom baca dan lom nonton dan sekarang sedang penasaran sebeda apa critanya itu… apakah kalo baca dulu dan nonton akan mengalami kekecewaan yang sama saat nonton prince caspian.

  3. u-ung says:

    why do you give 3 for twilight?I think it’s perfect!!hahaha I love the scene when Edward and Bella were laying down on the grassy spot. love every scene Edward and Bella!!!AArrrgghhh!!

  4. evelynpy says:

    Yup me too…but so silly you just see your BF eyes in forest, but yeah thats so romantic!!!! I hope Surabaya has a great forest like in that scene so i can do it with my BF 😆

    I think Prince Caspian is more better than Twilight Movie… i don’t really like Narnia’s novels coz eventhough its for child i still used to think twice when i read it…make me confused sometimes especially in the last novel! 😉

  5. zerlin says:

    dr.cullen kan emang masi muda ce… ya menurutku seh yo cocok2 ae tuh seng maen mudae segitu.. d bukue kan ditulise dee sek muda n ganteng hohoho…

    lek edward’e… wah emang cocok pooll….. gillaaaaaaaaa…bikin melting

  6. evelynpy says:

    hahahahahaha i think thats way you fallin a sleep when you saw it hahahahahaha 😆

    You know what Twilighters doesn’t really like Robert play as Edward but he prove it that he is Edward Cullen not Robert….hahahahaha. No comment about Dr. Cullen 😉

    hahahahaha how come?! Maybe if i become a mom i think i don’t care about the newst movie or drama like you 😉

  7. Deny says:

    Dari dulu juga gitu ceritanya,novel pasti lebih menarik daripada filmnya, apalagi kita pencinta novel, bagi yang malas baca tetap aja bagus filmnya, ya ga?….liat aja Harry Potter, lebih parah lagi kan? dah banyak yang ilang ceritanya, membuyarkan semua imajinasi kita tentang “Magic”….By the way, anyway, busway, Twilight still cool film hehe

  8. desty says:

    Setuju banget…sebagai penonton-yang-tidak-membaca-bukunya, saya sempat hang di tengah-tengah film. Ceritanya tidak mengalir…. Dan setelah menonton filmnya, TETAP…tidak membuatku ingin membaca bukunya…hehe

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