3 days like in Hell

Oh my God i felt like in Hell. I never like this before! I have a lot of assignment and next Monday especially next week i have to finish. I haven’t no idea for do my assignment. I feel it’s very hard. You know 1 st i have to make paper( research designt )  for Audience Research class. And i don’t know any theory about that, i just know about statistic theorys. I don’t know about what i’m gonna do. I try every day to go to library but that couldn’t help me!

 2nd assignment, i have to make a resume about KPI ( Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia ) for Monday too. Oh My God what happened to me? I’m going crazy. I’m too lazy to do that!

3th assigment is  i have to make a resume again about some one who make Brooklyn Bridge. And i have to collect it in Monday. Why it’s happened to me?

I know about the consequences to be an university student but in 1 week i have o lot of assignment and individual not in group and i have another meeting for my magazine and BEM. Can you imagine that!

But i try every day to finish all assignment, whatever i do i have to finish that. Some time i cry coz i’m so exhausted and didn’t have any idea, but i back to do it again and again until finish. Now i have shoretroat and high fever but i still to do that. God Please help me! Make me strong!


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