Wanna be a superhero?

Sometimes i wanna be a superhero. Why? It’s so simple answer! People don’t care what you do, what your negative things of you. They just care about your action to save somebody and they think they want to be you ( superhero ) too.. Coz.. to be a superhero its’s cool.

So, if you be a superhero which one you will choose?

a. Superman (stronger body)

b. Spiderman (honestly and cute person)

c. Batman ( have some cool stuff)

d. Ghostrider ( I can’t explain)

Give your answer and give me your reasons of the charcter you choose!! I’ll be waiting

3 thoughts on “Wanna be a superhero?

  1. riawibisono says:

    Mmm… siapa ya?
    Kayaknya Spiderman deh. Paling cool menurutku. Batman sebenarnya juga oke cuma udah nggak jaman lagi, filmnya nggak muncul2 sih.
    Tapi aku kan cewek… mana nih opsi superhero ceweknya…. =P

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