I hate English!

5 reasons i hate English :

  1. It’s very difficult than Indonesia language. Coz.. English have future, past, and many moore but Indonesia doesn’t have like that! That’s why my English is very bad….
  2. I come from Madura Island ( village ) before move to Surabaya ( big city ) so i have learned English since 1999/2000.
  3.  I have to pass my toefl min 500 to take English 1 in my collage but now my score still 430. Can u help me?
  4. Sometimes i fell bored learn English. I don’t know why?
  5. English so complicated.

So.. please forgive me if i posting my article the English is very bad.. I’m so sorry…

I need your help to get better in English.



3 thoughts on “I hate English!

  1. Cherry says:

    My TOEFL is also 430 somethng, peaked at 500 and last time I checked just 430. Just read a lot of novels / comics in English and you’ll do fine. Reading first speaking later. Easier that way.

  2. internationallanguagecenter says:

    For your advise………

    I think you should take English Course at ILC.
    Based on your writing on your blog, there are still many mistakes you made in grammar practice (whereas in fact you are in level 8 at EF).

    You can also take the TOEFL Preparation at ILC.
    For you infromation, many of PETRA Students (SMA and University) had studied English at ILC, and all of them have pass their TOEFL Score of more than 500.
    English, even more TOEFL is not hard if you study at ILC. You will find out by your self when you study at ILC.

    This is not a commercial break. I just want to help you with your English skill and TOEFL Score Target.

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